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17" LCD protection film

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LCD Protection Film for all monitors. Suitable for touch screen.

Anti-scratch, anti-glare and easy to clean
LCD protection film for displays, laptops, PCs, GPS navigators,
PDA, cell phones, digital cameras, etc.

For any LCD-display. Suitable for touch screen monitors also.

Protects LCD-surface from scratches, anti-glare, easy to clean.

Can be changed over time and cut into smaller peaces.

Recommended for industrial and dirty environments.
* Construction: Polyester.

* Mounting: Cut and mounted to clean display surface.

* Color: >90% light, transparent.

* Size: Max 17" display, can be cut into smaller peaces.

* Dimensions: 336 x 268 mm

* Only available without retail packaging at present, in order to ensure lowest price.