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I-2533 CAN to Fiber Bridge

Lead time 8-16 days
CAN to Fiber Bridge
*Fiber Port: ST (Multi-mode)
*Maximum transmission distance up to 2 km at any CAN baud rate
*82C250 CAN transceiver
*2500 Vrms iCoupler isolation on the CAN side
*Support both CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B specification
*Fully compatible with the ISO 11898-2 standard
*Built-in switch for 120 Ω terminator resistor
*Up to 100 CAN nodes on the CAN channel
*Removable terminal block
*Mount easily on DIN-Rail
*Rotary switch for CAN baud rate configuration
*Allow user-defined baud rate
*Fiber broken line detection
*Utility tool for message filter configuration
More Information
I/O CAN bus
Manufacturer ICP DAS
Connection Fiber