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NICEVIEW 7" TFT Roof Mount Monitor

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EUR149.00 EUR49.00 EUR39.52
7" TFT Flipdown roof mount monitor. 2 x RCA video inputs.

Rear view camera function.
Small size roof-mounted monitor with two integrated interior lights, it also comes with 2 RCA video
inputs and super slim body.

Door-light function, roof lights on when door is open.

Rear view camera function, switch to rear view camera while reversing.

Monitor can be connected to your DVD player, video game console, rear view camera and etc.
It can be easily installed by just mount it on the roof of your car.
Package includes
* Niceview 7" TFT Roof Mount monitor
* Power/AV-cable
* 1m RCA-cable for video
* IR Remote
* Mounting screws
* Short manual
* Dimensions (monitor closed): 209x219x24mm
* Dimensions (monitor open): 209x219x169mm
* IR remote controller
* Slim design
* 16:9 Widescreen picture.
* Native resolution: 480x234 = 336960
* DC 12V operation
* Power consumption: 7W