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NICEVIEW 8" TFT Sun Visor Display left side

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Left side

Stylish black color. Hard plastic construction.

Plug it into your car DVD player, sit back, relax and watch movies on these screens.
Flip it back up when you are not using it and it will look like any normal pair of sun visors.

Main features:

* Driver side visor
* Resolution: 640x480
* PAL/NTSC auto switch
* Two video-inputs per monitor
* 2nd video input works with rear view camera
* Wide View Angle
* Power dissipation 6W
* OSD (On Screen Display) menu
* IR Remote
* Card style remote control

The sun visor monitors are clip-on so you can easily put them over your existing visors without
having to take them out and re-install new ones. No matter what
type of car you have, these displays will replace your current
sun visors without modifications to the ceiling.

Add the rear view cameras either in the rear or front of your
vehicle for double the viewing pleasure.
Package includes
Niceview 8" TFT Widescreen Sun Visor monitor
Mounting kit
IR Remote Controller


Operating voltage

DC 12V

Operating temperature

+5C ~ +40C

Dimensions (mm)

360 x 146 x 25
Monitor control

Menu keys, IR remote