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Niceview 2.7" Video Microscope

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Microscope + 2.7" TFT monitor/recorder. Record images and video to SD-memory card. Battery operation. Computer not required. Transfer records to computer with USB or memory card. RCA-video output for external monitor.
*Dual-Axis lens with 50-200X magnification.
*Focus range 10mm to infinite.
*6x Super Bright LEDs.
*Adjustable light intensity.
*Quick-record button.
*Stand included.

2.7" TFT Monitor + 2GB recorder unit
*Battery operated monitor+recorder unit.
*Live image + watch recorded images/video.
*SD-memory slot for recordings, support max 16GB.
*Record video and images.
*Max record resolution for video 720x480 and image 640x480.
*RCA-video output for external monitor, for example television.
*Operated with 4 x 1.5V AA battery.
*Dimensions 163x215x65mm.
Package includes
1x Microscope
1x Stand
1x 2.7" TFT Monitor+recorder
1x RCA-video cable
1x USB-cable
4x 1.5V AA battery
1x 2GB SD memory card