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Security Camera System 4-FULLHD-VD

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Full-HD 1080p HD-TVI digital system. Rifatron 4-channel DVR 2000GB. Vandalproof outdoor cameras 4pcs. Cable 4pcs 25m RG59+power. Power adapter included.
4-channel digital surveillance system with FULL HD record resolution.

Recommended installation targets include gas stations, stores, medical, banks etc.

*Easy installation, perfect for DIY.
*Motion detection and timed recording to 2000GB HDD.
*Automatic overwrite when HDD full.
*HDMI and VGA monitor outputs.
*Real time image with Internet remote view, record view and configuration.
*Remote view with web browser (Internet Explorer and mobile browsers).
*Remote view with Mac and Android devices (free software MacViewer, SmartView and SmartViewHD).
*All cameras with FULL HD 1080p resolution, colourful image and night vision.
*4pcs Vandalproof outdoor cameras with powerful night vision and wide angle lens (adjustable).
*1pc 4-channel HD-TVI recorder with motion detection and LAN/WAN/HDMI/VGA/USB.
*USB-connector for backups and USB-mouse control.
*English menus.
*4pcs High quality 25m RG59 BNC video + power cables.
*Power adapter + splitter cable included.
Package includes
1x Rifatron NVR/DVR MX6-504 2000GB
4x Niceview HD-TVI Security Camera NCAM1080TVD
4x Coax cable RG59 1xBNC-1xDC power 25m
1x Power adapter DC12V 60W + power split adapter