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Lead time 14-22 days
640.00EUR 516.13EUR
Socket 479 SBC Processor Card with 64-bit PCI-X, VGA and LAN.
* Intel 855GME chipset 400 MHz FSB.
* Supports two DIMMs DDR 200/266/333 SDRAM.
* Supports up to two devices with software Serial ATA RAID 0,1.
* Onboard Adaptec AIC-7899 dual channel Ultra 160 SCSI up to 160 MB/s.
* Onboard integrated VGA controller, supports dual display.
* LVDS and DVI panel support.
* 64-bit/66 MHz PCI-X.
* Supports 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet.
Package includes
1 x FDD cable
2 x IDE HDD cable
2 x Serial ATA HDD data cable
2 x Serial ATA HDD power cable
1 x ATX 12 V power converter cable
1 x Printer + COM cable
1 x Y cable for PS/2 mouse & keyboard
1 x DVI cable
1 x Low profile CPU cooler
1 x Jumper pack
1 x Startup manual
1 x Utility CD
USB cable with 2 ports
Ordering Information: PCA-6189VE-00A2E.

For more information see datasheet.
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