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Niceview 19.1" TFT WXGA Roof Mount Monitor

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19.1" TFT Wide XGA Roof Mount Monitor. Native resolution 1440x900. 1x VGA input. 2x Video inputs. 2x Stereo audio inputs. Picture ratio 16:9. IR Remote. DC 24/12V.
19.1" TFT LCD Ceil mount monitor with VGA and video inputs.

Wide XGA
Supports native Wide XGA resolution.
With VGA connector, it is possible to display HD quality video or for
example navigation data from PC.
Wide XGA resolution is 1440x900, picture is unique sharp also with computer use.

DC 24/12V
The operation voltage is DC 12V for this monitor.
However a DC 24/12V voltage converter is included in the package.
This monitor is perfect for truck and busses with DC 24V systems.

Monitor has a support for door light function.
Package includes
1x Niceview 19.1" TFT WXGA Roof Mount Monitor
1x DC 24/12V Voltage converter
1x Power, audio, video input cables
1x IR Remote
Display: 19.1" TFT
Resolution: 1440x900 (Wide XGA)
Display ratio: 16:9
*1x VGA (15pin D-Sub)
*2x Composite video (RCA)
*2x Stereo sound (RCA)

Outputs: 1x IR Stereo audio transmitter

Operating voltage: DC 12V (DC 24V included in the package)
Power consumption: 36W

Dimensions: 595x528x64mm