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I-7531G CAN bus isolated repeater

Toimitusaika 8-16pv
CAN bus isolated repeater
*Compatible with CAN specification 2.0A and 2.0B
* Fully compatible with the ISO 11898-2 standard
* Maximum communication baud : 800Kbps
* 2500 VRMS photo coupler isolation on the CAN side
* 3KV galvanic isolation among the power supply and 2 CAN ports
* Jumper for 120Ω terminator resistor of the CAN bus
* Two CAN channels
* Auto-baud detection
* up to 100 nodes on each CAN port
* Removable terminal block
* Mount easily on DIN-rail
I/O CAN bus
Valmistaja ICP DAS
Connection CAN bus