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Water-Washable 3D resin, White, 1L

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Water Washable 3D printing resin, white, 1L, 405nm UV Cure

No IPA, NO detergent, 100% clean by water

Property similar to ABS like resin

Low odor, less irritating

Slightly soluble in water, no dangerous to environment

Non VOC, RoHS certificated

Technical specification
Flexural modulus of elacticity 924 Mpa
Impact strenght
128 (J/m)
Hot deformation temp 80C
Linear shrinkage 1.05-1.35%
Tensile strenght 22.5 Mpa
Tensile modulus 385 Mpa
Elongation at break 6%
Hardness (Shore D) 80-85C
Viscosity 150-350MPa-s
Printing parameter
Printing time For LCD printer, bottom layer 30-70s and each layer exposure time 4-12s, for example, layer thickness 50 micron on Anycubic printer, base 50s while each layer 8s.
For DLP printer, bottom 5-15s and each layer 1-5s.
Cleaning and post-curing Cleaning with flush water and brush it gently with a soft brush, and then drying it with cold air.
Post-curing 1. The curing time is proportional to the volume of the work piece and inversely proportional to the optical power of the curing chamber. Example: 100 watt LED curing box, jewelry jobs is recommended to be cured with soaking in water for 20-30 minutes.
2. The post-cure time of dental casting resin, dental non-casting resin and jewelry mold resin shall not more than 5 minutes.
3. Work-pieces should be in the water during post-curing to prevent deformation especially for dental and jewelry.
4. Don’t forget to use cool air to dry it after post-curing.