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Lead time 14-22 days
552.92EUR 445.90EUR
Pentium 4 SBC processor card with VGA, LAN and HISA.
* Built-in high performance VGA interface.
* Dual Giga-bit Ethernet ports.
* Dual channel Ultra 160 SCSI interface.
* 6 USB 2.0 ports (up to 480 Mbps).
* 2 RS-232 serial ports, 1 enhanced parallel port and floppy disk interface.
* CMOS automatic backup and restore to prevent accidental data loss of BIOS setup.
Package includes
1 x FDD cable
2 x IDE HDD cable
2 x Serial ATA HDD data cable
2 x Serial ATA HDD power cable
1 x ATX 12 V power converter cable
1 x Printer + COM cable
1 x Y cable for PS/2 mouse & keyboard
1 x Jumper pack
1 x Startup manual
1 x Utility CD
Ordering Information: PCA-6187VE-00A2E.

For more information see datasheet.
Files and drivers